Learn the Easy Way to Send Whatsapp Messages Without Typing

Web Desk: How can users send messages without typing using WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app? Check out some of the key features.

WhatsApp keeps adding new features, so most people forget or are not familiar with certain features. One such feature is to send a message without typing in an Android or iOS device.

Yes, indeed you can do this ‘magic’ on WhatsApp too, just take the help of Google Assistant or Siri on iPhone, both of which have been supported on WhatsApp for many years.

How to Compose Whatsapp Message Without Typing?

Open Google Assistant on your Android phone and say something into the phone’s microphone to send a WhatsApp message. For example, if you say ‘Send a WhatsApp message to a Friend’, Google Assistant will search for the contact and give it to you. Then the assistant will ask if you want to send the message, just say OK send it.

The procedure is the same in iPhone, just turn on the Siri function and scroll down to select WhatsApp. Then enable Send WhatsApp message to your contacts with Siri words to send messages without typing. Before sending the message, a preview of the message will also be shown to Siri and you have to click yes on the question to send.

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