How to Change WhatsApp Theme?

WhatsApp; one of the most used social networking application in the world. It has around 2 billion users from different parts of the world, and still an increasing ratio day by day. The whole world is enchanted by the magic of this amazing application. It is not only used for chatting, calling, sharing, and communicating but it is also a wonderful app with customization as well.

By customization, we mean to say that you can change the look of your chats. If you want to change the theme, WhatsApp be default has LIGHT theme, but you also have an option of DARK theme. You can even apply different themes that are downloaded or inbuilt in the WhatsApp application. These colorful features can make your chatting space more attractive. You can peacefully enjoy while communicating with your loved ones.

Procedure of Changing WhatsApp Theme

  • First of all, you need to open the main menu of the app which consists of your chats.
  • Then, you have to click on the three dots in the right corner of your screen.
  • An analogue appears and the last option is “SETTINGS”, which should be clicked.
  • After the settings option opens, on second place we see a “CHATS” option. This also shows what it consists of; themes, wallpapers, chat history and all.
  • After clicking the “CHATS” option, the first option that appears on your phone screen would be “THEME”.
  • By default, WhatsApp shows light theme, but the other version is DARK. The DARK theme is kind of classy and by applying it everything appears black. Personally, this is a favorite of all time with zero dislikes.

NOTE: You can have multiple themes for your WhatsApp chat screen and those can be downloaded from the Play Store or the AppStore. Even they can be downloaded from any of the search browser that you are using currently. These themes can comprise of your favorite anime characters or any of the superhero you like. Not only this but you can even upload a picture of yours or anything you prefer such as your pet, best friend, favorite place or nature’s picture.


Changing the WhatsApp theme is not a hectic job to do, it is as easy as water. If you are in favor of the LIGHT theme let it be but if you want to add a classy and intense look to your WhatsApp, then go for the DARK theme. The technique to apply it is mentioned above in bulletin points. Last but not the least, the procedure is given above about changing theme on your WhatsApp, now it’s your choice what you want to select; a darker one or a sparkling brighter one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1

Does the DARK theme affect performance of my phone?

Not at all, only the color or shade of the chat screen and entire WhatsApp screen changes. It has nothing to do with the performance of your phone, that remains entirely the same as it was before.

Question 2

Uploading my personal picture to the WhatsApp chat screen, is it safe or not?

Yes, this is a safe process as the picture you are about to upload would remain inside your WhatsApp account and no other person can see it except you. They can only see it when you give your device to them.

Question 3

Can we change the theme time to time?

Yes, the WhatsApp application offers two options for theme setting, either a bright one or a dark one. You can change themes anytime you want to. There is not time restriction for the selecting of such themes.

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