How to Download WhatsApp Wallpapers?

WhatsApp; one of the most used social networking application in the world. It has around 2 billion users from different parts of the world, and still an increasing ratio day by day. The whole world is enchanted by the magic of this amazing application. It is not only used for chatting, calling, sharing, and communicating but it is also a wonderful app with customization as well.

WhatsApp is a Facebook owned platform used for various purposes around the world. Whether it is on educational level or business level, WhatsApp proves to be the ultimate solution to many problems. In the recent pandemic, this social app helped the students in regard of their education. Same is the case to business related society, they used WhatsApp as a source of communication in the deadly pandemic.

Therefore, such a useful app must be attractive to let people use it with happiness. WhatsApp gives you the choice of fitting in some wallpapers of your interest. It also has some default wallpapers that are present from the time you download and log in to the application. You also have the option of keeping your device images as a wallpaper on your chat screen. These images would appear whenever you open your contacted chats.

Procedure to Download Wallpapers for WhatsApp

Generally, we have two ways to download wallpapers for the WhatsApp application. They are mentioned below:

Method 1

The first one is about downloading images to the pictures gallery. From the gallery later on you can use them as wallpapers in the WhatsApp chat screen. You can even download or add images to the gallery for customizing your WhatsApp chat screen. These images can be downloaded from search browsers, Pinterest, Tumblr, or any other image downloading app.

Method 2

The second one is linked to the Play Store. In the Play Store, you get variety of apps that offer downloading themes and wallpapers for different applications including the popular social app, WhatsApp. Once you download these theme or wallpapers, you can upload them on the WhatsApp menu for texting.  

 A Little Deep into Wallpapers Option

Inside the “SETTINGS” menu you get the “CHATS” option, where you get access to all the customization of your chats. From this area you can open the selection menu of “WALLPAPERS”. Once the selection menu opens, changing of your wallpaper gets easy then. All you have to do is click on the “CHANGE” option. Suddenly, four more options appear on the screen, that are;

  • Bright
  • Dark
  • Solid Colors
  • My Photos

(plus a small option for default wallpapers)

The bright and dark are related to theme you have applied respectively. The solid colors are basic and simple colored wallpapers with only colors and no prints or images. My photos option is the coolest option, where you can upload a picture of your choice. Not only a single picture but even multiple pictures for multiple chats.

Fun Feature

One interesting fact is that you can even add multiple pictures to different chats on your WhatsApp. For example, if you add a picture of you and your best friend on a chat, but you cannot put the same image on your office chat, then you can keep both. No need to sacrifice your own choice for the office work. Isn’t this a fun feature?


In a nutshell, the wallpapers changing option is best among the customizing techniques of WhatsApp. For a reason, you can apply different wallpapers time to time so that you are interested when you keep on chatting for hours. You can match up wallpapers to the theme you are using, this is also one of the best feature. Whether its solid color or a photo from your gallery, all can look cool once selected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1

Uploading my personal picture to the WhatsApp chat screen for wallpapers option, is it safe or not?

Yes, this is a safe process as the picture you are about to upload would remain inside your WhatsApp account and no other person can see it except you. They can only see it when you give your device to them.

Question 2

Can the other contact see the chat wallpaper?

No, you are the only one who have access to see the specific wallpaper that has been uploaded. If you sent a screenshot to the person or give him or her your phone, then they can see the wallpaper of your chat screen, otherwise it’s a really private and secure thing.

Question 3

Can we adjust the framing or cropping of the picture selected from phone’s gallery?

Yes, of course you can adjust or crop the image according to your choice. As the screen and fitting ratio of your image cannot be the same, so you can adjust it accordingly.

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