How to Recover Deleted Facebook Posts in 2022

If you are an active user. Facebook or Facebook You must have shared hundreds of posts with text, images and videos on your profile. There is also a possibility that you may have deleted some posts by mistake and regret it later. If this happens to you often, this article may take some of the pressure off you.

It gives you both. Powered by Facebook and Instagram , The Meta Company – Recover deleted posts feature.

Facebook has an option to recover your deleted profile posts, but there is a condition that it allows you to restore deleted posts within 30 days. After 30 days have passed, posts are permanently deleted, and there is no option to restore deleted posts after that.

Steps to Recover Deleted Facebook Posts

If you accidentally deleted some posts from your Facebook profile and want to restore them, you need access. Recycle bin feature in Facebook. We have shared with you a detailed guide on how to access recycle bin on Facebook and recover deleted posts. So let’s begin.

  • Open a web browser. Go to your favorite site and . Then, log in to your Facebook account.
  • Via the home page , tap the down arrow button or your profile picture. In the upper right or left corner depending on the language.
  • Then from the drop-down menu, click Settings and privacy.

Per Settings and Privacy. Tap Settings option. As shown in the following image.

After that, click on the option. Privacy as shown in the following image.

On the Settings page, click Your Facebook information .

In the left or right pane, depending on the language, click the button. Show “Activity Log” after that .

Now, scroll down and tap on “Deleted Items” in the right or left pane depending on the language.

Now, you’ll find all the posts you’ve deleted within 30 days.

Select the post you want to restore. And click the Restore button.

This way you can recover all your deleted Facebook posts.

And it’s all about recovering deleted Facebook posts with simple steps. Also, if you want to save and back up your posts, you can download a copy of all your Facebook data. Let us know in the comments if you need any help in recovering deleted Facebook posts.

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