Smartphones Don’t Make You Stupid, Research Claims

A lot of important details can be stored in smartphones and other digital devices.

But relying so much on smartphones for details has raised concerns that it could affect our own memory.

But now a new study suggests that this is not necessarily the case, as smartphones can actually help improve memory in certain situations.

This claim was revealed in a study conducted in the United Kingdom.

University College London research has discovered that these devices are not the cause of ‘digital dementia’, but in them we can store details of our memory that our mind is unable to store.

The study involved 158 adults and found that using smartphones did not affect their memory, but that reminders made memories more concrete.

The researchers said the results prove that digital time and location reminders work, but we need to be very careful about backing up the most important details, otherwise these tools will fail.

Participants in the study were given the task of playing a memory game on a touchscreen tablet or computer, which they completed 16 times.

8 times they completed this task from memory while setting reminders for the remaining 8.

The results showed that when the volunteers were allowed reminders, their memory improved by 18 percent.

But the results also showed that memory improved 27 percent more for parts of the game that were less important.

Researchers said this is because the devices allowed people to keep important details in mind and get help from the devices for the rest.

But the research also found that dependence on these devices can also be harmful.

When the devices were put away during the study, people also found it harder to remember important details, suggesting that people rely on technology to forget details.

The results of this study were published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.

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